A Letter to My Bishop


Below is the email I wrote to my bishop. I tweaked the message Molly from The Merrier World wrote to her bishop & added my own flare to it. Please go see her powerful post. She offers her words to anyone who is struggling to find their own.

His Most Reverend Excellency, Robert Morlino, Bishop of the Diocese of Madison,

I fervently ask you to issue a firm statement from our Diocese that stands against anyone guilty of perpetrating, assisting, or covering up sex abuse crimes, whether in our diocese or elsewhere. We need our clergy to be united & strong, & it is your job as bishop to do so. We need you to speak clearly & show us you are filled with righteous anger & a fiery passion for change, worthy of St. Catherine of Siena. Our parish priests will look to you as an example of how to lead their congregations. If you do not speak & speak soon they will think they do not need to address this either & that will only continue to the damage the faith and trust of the Catholics in their pews. I am devastated by the scandal of sex abuse in the Catholic Church, & I am begging you to be the positive change that occurs. Be a leader & a saint that God is calling you to be!

“I tell you in the name of Christ crucified that you must use your authority. You are in charge of the garden of the holy Church. So [first of all] uproot from that garden the stinking weeds filled of impurity and avarice, & bloated with pride (I mean the evil pastors & administrators who poison & corrupt the garden). Use your authority, you who are in charge of us! Uproot these weeds & throw them out where they will have nothing to administer! Tell them to tend to administering themselves by a good holy life. Plant fragrant flowers in this garden for us, pastors & administrators who will be true servants of Jesus Christ crucified, who will seek only God’s honor & the salvation of souls, who will be fathers to the poor.”
-Saint Catherine of Siena

Thank you for your time,
Ali Towle


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