Fair Trade, Ethically Made

As I mature more and more in my faith, I’m realized areas in my life that I should change in order to have a more positive impact on the world. One of these areas is making sure I’m purchasing ethically sourced goods, such as clothing, shoes, food, or coffee.

If you’ve followed me for sometime you know that I am a coffee LOVER. I drink coffee every day, several times a day. The amount of coffee that I consume HAS GOT TO have an impact on the world. And it turns out, it does. What many people don’t know is that much of the coffee we drink does not come at a fair price. Coffee farmers rarely get paid a fair and just wage for the (literal) fruit of their labor. Equal Exchange and Catholic Relief Services are trying to change that, with our help. 

Catholic Relief Services has collaborated with Equal Exchange in creating an ethically sourced coffee called Mama Tierra (Mother Earth). This coffee empowers farmers in Oaxaca, Mexico by giving them a fair wage for the delicious coffee they produce. They are also working to protect the farmer’s water sources from coffee waste and contamination. This coffee is not only ethically sourced, it’s also better for the environment. To find out more information and to purchase Mama Tierra coffee you can head to CRS’s Instagram.

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