Growing Pains


Lately, the Lord has been prompting me to ask Him where I have been unwilling to change and grow in my life and in prayer. I am reluctant to ask the Lord such a question because I know He won’t hold back in giving me an answer when He knows it will bring me closer to Him.

I so often choose comfort over growth. We are naturally inclined to seek safety and pleasure, but those things only lead to mediocrity and stagnation. Growth means we must stretch ourselves. In a physical sense, stretching is good for us, so we push through the stinging pain in our muscles. It is the same in our emotional and spiritual life. Growing pains are difficult, but those pains lead to maturity, strength, a greater ability to love, and above all, they bring us closer to attaining eternal life. To put this simply, WE CANNOT BECOME THE SAINTS WE ARE CALLED TO BE WHILE REMAINING WHO WE ARE TODAY. Let us instead be open to the call of growth and change, forever seeking His holy will, which is love and eternity with Him.

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