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The biggest news ever!

Eli and I are so excited to finally announce the biggest news of all: Baby Towle is on the way! He/she is due on the Feast of Padre Pio, September 23rd!
Not only are we preparing for the arrival of a baby, but we are also gearing up to move across country! We are excited for Seattle, WA to be our new home this June!
There are so many changes coming our way, but I've had the greatest sense of peace about it all (despite not having an apartment yet!). We would really appreciate your prayers the next several weeks as we search for the place that God is preparing for us on the West Coast!
As for Baby, he/she has already been a dream and hasn't made their mama sick at all! And seeing as we are already in the second trimester, I think I'm in the clear of any morning sickness. 🙌 We find out Baby's gender May 7th and couldn't be more excited!

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